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Caps, hats, children’s clothing and more – we love it natural


Pure naturalness plus pure quality equals PURE PURE – caps, hats, children’s clothing and more.
Because it is pure pleasure to combine fashion and environmental awareness with a desire for fresh design.

Roaming through meadows, enjoying the sun, feeling the rain.
Enjoying nature and simply being natural.
Our children love it and and working for a world worth living in is Pure Pure’s heartfelt desire.

For us, nature is more than just a word.
Respectful treatment of nature and people is our passion. The GOTS-certification proves that we reach for the most ambitious goals in terms of ecology, sustainability and fairness.

With tradition, experience, passion and new ideas, we look towards a green future.
(Peter Bauer)

Over the past 70 years craftsmanship and entrepreneurial visions have turned the Bauer cap manufactory into a particularly sustainable company in the clothing industy.

During the 70s, Herbert Bauer consistently pushed the expansion of the product range. Today, Peter Bauer and his wife Lolita, the family’s third generation in the business, run the company successfully. Innovative ideas and established knowledge have shaped the collection ever since. In the 90s, Ökoline was the name of Bauer’s first ecological collection: the beginning of a new generation of caps.

In the meantime, the entire production has been upgraded to ecological standards. Today PURE PURE stands for a new philosophy and a fresh individual look. Ecological, modern, individual, sustainable, pure – and of course GOTS-certified.

PURE PURE currently employs around 80 people throughout Europe. We produce according to our design and under our management in Lithuania, Poland and Italy. Together with 10 sales partners, we offer PURE PURE mainly to European sales representatives and online shops.


Greetings from Bensheim!
This is where we design, decide, cut, sew, order, check, pack, call and laugh…


Why Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)?

Sustainability, transparency and fairness are our hallmarks. Since 2013, we have been the first GOTS-certified hat manufacturer. (G.O.T.S. FILM) We are proud to meet these strict ecological and social standards from the production of our raw materials to the conditions throughout the entire manufacturing chain.


Organic – Whether rugged or extra fine qualities: natural materials simply feel good.
And we are convinced that the use of renewable materials is the best way to fullfil our responsibility towards our environment. Info about material  You are looking for care instructions for woolen articles?
care woolen articles


YOU can enjoy the sun – WE provide the necessary UV protection. Our qualities are tested according to the Australian-New Zealand standard and offer high to very high UV protection. And that without any chemical treatment! Our dense weaves and intensive colours protect just naturally.
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We are a member of the German Sustainable Business Association (BNW). The BNW is an ecologically oriented business association. Since 1992, companies that combine responsibility for the economy, the environment and society across sectors have been involved here. With the BNW, we now have the opportunity to tackle issues in nature conservation / climate protection together.


Where to buy PURE PURE?

You will find a selection of our online retailers under ONLINESHOPS. In our Shopfinder, you will discover a large number of stationary retailers who also often have an online store.