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Order period PURE PURE by Bauer

Thank you for your interest in the PURE PURE by Bauer collection.
Twice a year we present our lovingly, fairly and sustainably produced collection to stationary and online retailers.
You can order the pre-order collections for autumn/winter in the period January-February and for spring/summer from July-August.
Visit us at selected trade fairs to which we would like to invite you.
Please contact us via the section “REGISTER NEW”.
Our area representatives and fashion agencies will contact you to arrange an appointment.

In our B2B store you have the possibility to place your pre-order. In the backorder you will find a selection of items that we can deliver at short notice. Simply log in with your e-mail address and your customer number.
To give you an overview, we will be happy to send you our Lookbook as pdf in advance.
We are looking forward to your contact.


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    09.07. - 11.07.20224-Kidz NEUSS, Euromoda 5.Etage, B506-510
    10.07. - 20.08.2022TMC Ordertage ZÜRICH, Fashion Square, Showroom SR 280
    15.07. - 17.07.2022SUPREME Kids München MTC, Haus 1 A307
    23.07. - 25.07.2022Kids World ESCHBORN, Häuser der Mode, 3.OG, Raum300/305
    29.07. - 31.07.2022InNatex Natur Textilmesse WALLAU, Ardek Center, OG Stand 106
    31.07. - 01.08.2022JOT Juniormode Salzburg , Brandboxx, Stand C45
    06.08. - 08.08.2022Kindermoden Nord HAMBURG, Messehalle Schnelsen, Stand OG E01 Agentur Lohgeerds
    14.08. - 17.08.2022Ordertage Brandboxx Hannover, Modecentrum B212 - 214

    SHOWROOM 11.07. – 20.08.2022

    HAMBURG - Agentur Lohgeerds, Modecentrum HAUS A, 9.Etage, R 905lohgeerds.heinz-gerd@t-online.de
    MÜNCHEN - Agentur Meyden, Prinzenstr. 59ainfo@emanuel-meyden.de
    ZÜRICH - Agentur Barth, Läser Textil, Fashion Square, SR 280christian.barth@laesertextil.ch

    SHOWROOM on appointment

    SHOWROOM PURE PURE BENSHEIM - Pure-tex GmbH, Lilienthalstr. 39-45, 64625 Bensheimmail@pure-pure.de
    COPENHAGEN - Agentur Anni Vedel, Bella Center, B4 -185mail@nuno.dk
    NEUSS - Agentur Lohgeerds, Euromoda B 4304lohgeerds.nils@t-online.de