How beautiful it is when the sun shines! However, a good sun protection is indispensable on sunny days.
Every single piece of clothing and every hat will protect you from acute ultraviolet (UV-) radiation.
The dense weaves and intensive colors protect you naturally.
As a general rule: the denser woven, the more intense the colours are, the better protected!
Our PURE PURE qualities are tested according to the Australian-New Zealand standard, are GOTS-certified and all offer very good UV protection. And that without any chemical treatment!
 The sun protection factor (UPF) states for how long it prolongs the skin’s own protection. It indicates how much longer you can stay in the sun without developing a sunburn.
 A light color UPF 20 sun hat protects your child between 200-300 minutes from ultraviolet (UV-) radiation (depending on skin typ).
 If you are interested in getting further information about UV protection?